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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Debbie,

Thanks for clarifying what your actions have been so far.

The Keyword training that you have watched is in module 3, I believe. However, we do have deeper Keyword Training in Module 7 to help you try to solve the issues you are solving now.

Basically, you find your handful of main keywords that are MOST RELEVANT to your product, and those are the terms that you try to get ranked and bid on PPC for.

Then as you grow you can expand to deeper keywords, but you need to focus on the main ones that are most relevant at the start.

Amanda has done a great job of doing some mining for you. I am not sure if those results were for the U.S. or U.K. though as I did see some different numbers and have a couple of pieces of additional information to add to what Amanda has mentioned as well.

1 – With Brand Analytics, I looked at some words in the Singular and Plural and got some different good keywords based on those (will share at the bottom here to add to Amanda’s lists)

2 – Obviously, knowing that the UK and US have different affinities for certain types of food, it is always best to do the Brand Analytics search in the UK for your products that sell in the UK. H10 can be used for this, but I am not sure they have data for other markets? I can’t remember.

3 – It’s great that you are starting to see the idea behind adding the interest to the broad keyword. You are on the right track, but let me try to see if I can help below.

Top UK Relevant Searches via Brand Analytics for Curry Spices (June 2020):

Curry Powder (if you have a powder?) – 16,585

Curry kit (perhaps?) – 93,850

Curry spices – 99,394

Jamaican curry powder – 111,221

Chinese curry powder – 158,314

Mild curry powder (perhaps?) – 166,219

Carribean curry powder – 172,295

Those are about as low as I would go in order to focus my main keywords on these (as long as they are all relevant) so that way you can focus your keywords on launching and spending money on Ads for these keywords.

When I was asking where you “added” them, I wasn’t sure if you added any keywords to your actual product listing in the Keywords Tab under “search terms” or not. If you haven’t filled in that area in the product listing, then you will also see how to properly fill out that section in our Listing Optimization training as well.

What you can see is that people aren’t searching for them as “gifts” per se, but more just for the thing, and then making the decision on which one of the bunch of results they want to buy from those more common keywords.


Top UK Relevant Searches via Brand Anlaytics for Peppercorns (June 2020):

Peppercorns – 19,952

Black peppercorns – 23,531

Sichuan peppercorn – 93,519

Peppercorns for grinder – 99,180

Pink peppercorns – 108,224

Mixed peppercorns – 110,667

Szechuan peppercorn – 128,855

Green peppercorns – 130,667

White peppercorns – 161,199

Sichuan peppercorns – 239,959

Black peppercorns for grinding – 264,814

Peppercorn – 271,876


Another thing you can start to see is how the “interest” sometimes isn’t the activity necessarily, but how it is being used. For example, “peppercorns for grinder” is not as broad as “peppercorns.” It is specifying that they are for use with a grinder. Now, I am pretty sure almost all (if not all) peppercorns can be used in a grinder, but “peppercorns” may or may not always be the most relevant term. In this scenario, I agree with Amanda that it probably is though, because even though it doesn’t say “gift” or “set”, it doesn’t matter, because your products are still “Peppercorns” and need to try to appear to customers there as that’s the place where they search.

Same for the Curry Spices. One good thing about that is that “curry spices” is a keyword that you can target with ads directly as well, and even if you got to page 1 of that keyword, it should vastly help improve your metrics.

So, my action steps for you would look like this:

1 – Add the relevant keywords to your listing in the proper way (including Title, Bullets, Description, Search Terms)

2 – Track these main relevant keywords via H10 or through the Metrics Sheet (I prefer the latter myself)

3 – Advertise on these relevant main keywords using Amazon Sponsored Ads to try to help increase ranking. I would recommend setting up a Manual Exact Campaign for them and then also if you are up for it, create a separate Broad and Phrase campaign, and just add the keywords from above, and set your Budget for those campaigns at something that you can afford (meaning you won’t outspend your monthly profit). So, if you get $1000 in profit per month at current, you would budget to only have like $500-600 in ads at the most for the month (which is about $15-20 per day). We will discuss more about Ads later on, but this may help get you some traction sooner rather than later.

Let me know if this is clear.

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