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Debble W

Hi Amanda

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.  Yes understand under Brand Analytics the lower the number the higher the demand. Just to be sure on Helium 10 this is opposite – the higher the number is the search term – so highest number the best? What I am trying to ascertian is that I am targeting the right keywords for the respective spices and maybe change my bidding accordingly.

Coaches advised not to target just gifts (although most call the products a spice gift set but a low search term on its own) but to go for more generic spice terms which customers are searching for, which I totally get.

Spice products I have:

Curry selection – 12 different ones in a gift set

Peppercorn selection – 8 different ones in a gift set

Salt selection – 8 different ones in a gift set

African spices / BBQ – 10 different ones in a gift set

Chilli spices – 8 different ones in a gift set (sold out)

Smokehouse – 8 different ones in a gift set (new)

Meat rub – 4 different one in a git box (new)

Himalayan Rock Salt and Grater (sold out)

I have been hit with Covid-19 as goods imported from South Africa and they are still in the up curve. My container has been sitting at port for 6 weeks and still not left Cape Town!  This is due to Covid and a big element of strong winds at port for a number of weeks.  I have tried to airfreight but no flights from Cape Town so have to ship to Johannesburg and costs at the moment at a premium that I would be selling at a loss!  I have never run out of stock before so hopefully not going to be too hurt by it! So when this stock eventually gets to the UK I want to be ready to go and relaunch to rank quickly, hence trying to do all the work right now (before getting into new product analysing as this is time consuming).

I am in the UK so I don’t have these volumes in the US (I wish), could I ask you to kindly run it under UK?  Ones I need to see is Curries, Peppercorns, Salt, Spices (as general for Africa and Smokehouse), Meat rub and Smoked spices?  This will really help me thanks.  Just want to have current products analysed/correct bidding before hitting the new products and process (although will analyse current products to see where I stand with them)

Does this make sense?  Sorry for the l0ng email?

Thanks again.