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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hi Debbie,

Don’t worry if you don’t have Brand Analytics – you can only use if you are Amazon Brand Registered.

Could you just share what decision you are trying to solve with the KW?

If you are trying to assess the right KW based on relevancy and search, you will firstly review the product offering on page one for the KW to review if they are the same.  The more products on-page that match the product type indicates you have strong relevancy.    To assess the most frequently searched  KW that is closely related, I have a summary from my Brand Analytics for you below.

NOTE:  Brand Analytics is a RANK, so the lower the number the better.  #1 would be the highest search product and to give you an indication, right now that is ‘face mask’.  The rank goes from 1 to 1 million.

In your instance, grocery products are quite unique and, in general, will probably not need ‘interest’, but type of spice may need to be defined.

Here is the top-ranked KW’s for similar to peppercorns:

Search Term                                     Search Frequency Rank
peppercorns                                             15,308
peppercorns for grinder refill               57,578
sichuan peppercorns                              59,349
black peppercorns for grinder             65,041
pepper grinder with peppercorns       69,496
szechuan peppercorns                           97,584
black peppercorns                                 119,535
whole peppercorns                               165,052
pink peppercorns                                 165,388

So select the closely related and check the results on  PEPPERCORNS is probably your KW


Search Term Search                       Frequency Rank
curry powder                                  17,317
jamaican curry powder             180,433
madras curry powder                212,637
curry powder organic                393,116
organic curry powder              483,476
yellow curry powder               500,948
chief curry powder                  515,378
indian curry powder               632,626
japanese curry powder           684,935
vadouvan curry powder         803,565
curry powder spice                  891,358
curry leaves powder               998,074
curry powder 365                 1,003,007

So select the closely related and check the results on  CURRY POWDER is probably your KW