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Regan Blee

Billy, your question is really about the mysterious black art of Amazon indexing and relevancy scores so no one knows the exact answer.
We think that Amazon is likely to index and make your listing relevant for “dog sling for large dogs hind leg support” if all the words are just present in your listing but not necessarily together as a phrase.  It is thought though that the Amazon’s relevancy score will increase if the words are in order and especially if it is written as a phrase.

But in a way this is not that important.  Remember that you are selling your dog sling to your ideal client and not to Amazon bots.  You need to write your title and listing so that it sounds good to your ideal client and they want to buy it.  So, if you are “struggling to put it in the title and to make it coherent” then perhaps you should not try to keyword stuff the phrase into the title.

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