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Regan Blee


I might have missed it but I don’t remember the OXO squeeze bottle being there when we’ve discussed this over this past week.  I’m thinking that this is an aberration.
The OXO squeeze bottle is not a honey dispenser.  It is a huge seller because it’s a squeeze bottle with I suspect a few recent overflow sales on the honey dispenser keyword have put it on your latest list.  Bear in mind, that it is ranked just 20 for ‘honey dispenser’. That’s not a very good ranking for ‘honey dispenser’ so I’m thinking that it is not a serious top competitor.
The PAB asks for monthly sales volume for the top 15 competitors.  OXO is ranked 20.
Personally, I think it is an ‘outlier’.   Looking at your H10 list, OXO’s monthly sales are 10 times higher than the next biggest seller – yet it is ranked just no. 20.  That doesn’t add up.
I know we’ve been trying to say recently to forget about outliers but it seems to be an extreme example.