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Debble W

Hi Isaac,

I just watched your keyword training (that is where I am in the training) and I don’t have brand analytics to search the frequency rank of key words which would be an added plus.  How can you verify this on Helium 10?  I look at the number of searches to see which keyword is used the most?  Is this not correct or is their another tool within Helium 10 I am not using?

I understand the broad term + interest but not sure how this is covered under the different spices?

Peppercorns = broad, interest cooking?  So peppercorns for cooking?

Curry powder = Broad, Interest – Indian, so Indian curry powder?

I will research these keywords and see if can pick up volume searches.  In the UK don’t have the huge volumes as in the US under spice category, or that I have picked up.

Kind regards