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Debble W

Hi Isaac

I appreciate that there is training further on with the keywords and that their maybe some pointers I have missed in my previous training.  I am working on new products to launch but obviously have concerns regarding my current products which I have already invested in and trying to improve on in conversion and sales.  You advised that I should not target the gift market but focus on the broader words and try and rank for those as I am missing the opportunity to broaden my sales.

Not sure what you mean ‘where did I add these’? At the moment under my Helium 10 tracking keywords under each product and not bidding on all of 200 – but some already organically ranking without bids.  I just gathered every relevant keyword and wanted to determine the search volume for those keywords.

My concern is if I bid for ‘pepper’ that I will be priced right out as I am offering 8 different peppercorns in a gift set.  I have bid on this before and had no traction – so waste of ppc? Unless I did something wrong to rank? I have also made some changes to my listing to engage customers better and not just talk about the features.

Apologies if think I am rushing – I am following the program – I just don’t want to only take action on current products in 12 weeks time. A lot of the training, to date, is not new to me as been using the tools/product research for awhile now  – but am picking up some great pointers and useful spreadsheets – cant wait to get to full product analysis and how to launch successfully, as this is where I stumble and find it hard to measure if ppc spend is working.