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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Terrence,

I can give some insight that may help.

For Launches, they are going to be one of the bigger costs of the product anyway, because you have to try to stick to Page 1 as well as you can.

Now, if you have one or two really big competitors, I would NOT remove them from your product research. However, what you MAY do is think to yourself, “I have a goal for the first 6 months of X sales per day, and then by this time next year, I want to compete closer to the top competitor for X sales per day.”

One thing that you do have to keep in mind though is that your initial launch is the absolute most effective launch you will ever get. So, you don’t want to go too soft on it.

Let’s provide an example:

Top Competitor is 156/day

Next 14 Competitors may have 3 or 4 that average between 30-40 and most are under 30.

So, let’s just say, “My first goal in the first 6 months is to get to 25 sales per day (EVENTHOUGH I know there is more sales volume potential), because I know at the start my lack of reviews and lack of sales history will hinder my visibility and conversion rate.”

That’s okay to think like that. This means you don’t need to blow ALL of your money on a Launch.

But that doesn’t mean that you can be too soft either. Basically, if your average competitor on page 1 is doing about 15-20 sales per day, then you want to launch with about 30 or so units per day for 10 days to try to get page 1 placement. If you can do more within your budget, then great.

But you then need to know that you are going to go for the top (or close to it) as a 6-18 month goal.

It’s like fighting a Championship Boxer.

You can’t just jump into the ring with that guy and expect not to get the crap kicked out of you.

So, you gotta beat up on guys who are not as talented until you can get a good record and people want to see you over the other tomato cans.

Having a 20-0 record as a boxer is like having a 4.8 star rating with 50 reviews on Amazon. You look REALLY good now. You are a contender. 🙂

Does this help?