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Philippe A

Hello Regan

Yes, I believe Hula Hoop is the main search term
It has a search frequency rank of 3688 in brand analytics Germany
That aside, you are right that something seems off with the Hula Hoop product numbers. I will need to take a closer look to get a better feel for this product.
Unless you tell me to seriously consider it, this wasn’t going to be my first choice anyway.

I was actually leaning towards the pull up bars.

The way I see it , there are essentially two different types:

I wanted to go for the second one simply because the first one is more expensive to source partly because it is very bulky and should be expensive to ship.

If you look at the second link, which is the top listed seller for this type of pull up bar according to Jungle Scout, the bar looks very simple to me. I reckon that this type of bar could be sourced for as little as USD 3.
Incidentally, this product was selling for EUR 30 at the end of last year.

My Idea was, however, to source something slightly more sophisticated and professional looking such as the following product

Pull Up Bar

Also, it looks to me as if this product will sit tighter in a door frame than the more simple looking one. But I could be wrong. I have not experience as yet with these type of products.
This product was selling at EUR 40 at the end of last year.

Since you are selling this product yourself, what has your experience been with this product? What would you say is the most reliable locking mechanism? Can you recommend any good suppliers? How much are you sourcing these for?