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Amanda Tucker

Hi Valerie,

I am just copying and pasting this because it is easier to read vs download (see further below):

My comments:  It is beautifully written.  It had real depth and conveyed a true commitment which will does mean you have a strong drive to help guide you every day.    We are so sorry to hear about your daughter’s cancer journey, it’s a wicked wicked disease.   Let’s hope, more than anything, this business will help you celebrate her remission in style with comfort and love and no worries.  Our thoughts are with you all.


I want to build this business (1) To speed up getting out of debt and (2) To have enough money for my family’s comfort and enjoyment.

I want to do this because I strongly believe that their comfort and enjoyment will only come through my efforts. If I do well they will be well taken care of and be happy and if I don’t do well they will feel the pain of my failure.

My husband is semi-retired and past the age of increasing his income unless he wins the lottery. My children are still at a stage where they need assistance; particularly my 20-year-old daughter who is a cancer survivor but dealing with the repercussions of the treatment. She lives on a ventilator.

I get great satisfaction in caring and providing for them.  Particularly for my daughter who I always want to be in a position to provide for her every want and need as we don’t know how long she will be with us. Having a successful Amazon business will help to fast track these objectives.

V Grazette. July 6, 2020