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Yisrael S
Yisrael S

Hi Isaac, i get so overwhelmed with every post I send. Every time I send a post I have some kind of fear that this time they wont give all of their heart. I think you are the only coaching program for Amazon sellers that really give full support you have to emphasis this to the possible new members. I don’t mind telling them this personaly.

Ok so after that emotional opening:
A. We already spoke about this before but the most competitive KW wich is not specific for whetstones is ‘knife sharpener’ with 927 SFR the next one is ‘whetstone’ with 11,539 SFR and after that is ‘sharpening stone’ with 13,807 SFR.

This is what you told me back then:

– Isaac Kuhlman

Yisrael Slotki
interesting. I would try to rank for “whetstone” and “sharpening stone” for sure
Knife sharpener will be less relevant AND very competitive.
So, I think your initial assessment was correct.
Launch on “whetstone” and use ads to help you get ranked on Sharpening stone and to some extent Knife sharpener
When you get into it a bit deeper and can spot competition that you can beat, you can also do Product Targeting Ads against those competitors directly

So I chose ‘sharpening stone’ to open the title with. Would you think differently?

Just so you know, you have to Capitalize the first letter of all main words (not “as”, “a”, “the”, etc…though). Also, just use Dashes/Hyphens to separate ideas anything else makes it harder to see the ideas separated.

Got it! thanks.

And also thanks for the juicy KWs 😊