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Regan Blee
Regan Blee

It’s good.  Well done.
Can I first ask how you plan to use this video?  The purpose and use of the video is important to consider as different styles are required for different purposes, e.g. a video ad on Amazon or Facebook might need to be punchier and be about 15 to 30 seconds long.  We can provide more specific feedback when we know how it will be used.

In the meantime, a couple points for you to consider are:

  • not everyone will watch it with the sound on.  So, it would be good if you can overlay key bullet points throughout to reiterate the spoken words.  This visual will also help the message sink in better too
  • At the end, about 15 seconds has no spoken words.  It seems that this is wasted airtime and probably should be trimmed.