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Regan Blee


It’s great that you’ve found other potential products after moving on from the water bottle (and congratulations again for making an informed decision based on data for the water bottle).

Here are my initial thoughts on the 3 products:

Hula Hoop

First up is “Hula Hoop” the correct main keyword for Germany?  It may well be, but since it is an english term, it just made me wonder.

Yes, the numbers look extremely good on the hula hoop.   But before getting too carried away, I’d triple check these numbers to make sure you have it all correct.  Unfortunately, my jungle scout isn’t working properly as I write this so I couldn’t check the numbers.  But for the couple of products that did work, there seemed to be a recent upsurge in sales.  So I recommend that you understand the history of sales and prices for this product to know what are reasonable figures.  Also, the ROI is greatly dependent on COGs so make sure you’ve got a good understanding of the real-world COGs.
I agree that all these products look the same (and maybe are the same).  This makes it a bit more difficult to stand out and to compete, especially when you have low numbers of reviews.  You may need to devote more resources to the launch to bolster your ranking at the beginning.  So, carefully think through your listing and your strategy before proceeding with this one.   Think of creative ways to stand out with your main image.

“Klimmzugstange” (pull up bar)
It’s unclear which product you are talking about when mention the ‘top seller’.  The one I see is for a different price than in your PAB.  There are a few different types of pull up bars that will all sell at different prices points.  Can you please clarify which one you want to sell?

I have some experience with pull up bars on (but not DE).
I suggest that you investigate your sale prices thoroughly (NB. I’m not saying you’re currently wrong – I’m just saying make sure it is correct)  You’ll need to make sure you have the right sales price in your PAB.
There is some scope to sell higher quality pull up bars at a higher price but it becomes more challenging at higher prices.  Also, recent experience in the USA has seen prices skyrocket during covid with then a slow reduction in recent weeks.  It seems to have settled down now (current prices are still higher than the pre-covid prices).

The PAB shows the product is worth further investigation if you can get better numbers and be more confident in the numbers.  Also, depending on which type of pull up bar you are interested in, I would say that your COGS estimate ($9) is too high.  You can get a better price than that.

“Liegestützgriffe” (push up bars).
Once again, I just recommend that you make sure your numbers are correct. For example, the COGs estimate is too high and I think 16 daily sales might be too high too as almost all sellers are selling 16 or less per day (push up bars are lower demand and will fluctuate a bit)

The PAB numbers make it look like its worth further investigation too.

Order quantity
I’m not sure why you have set the months of stock to 2.  I would recommend 3 months as usual in PAB analysis.  For example, pull up bars typically take 2.5 months elapsed time from initial order with China to being available for sale on Amazon.