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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Shams,

Check out:  Resource Vault   /   REAL Services Network / Sourcing Agent Services

For communications – 1st email:

  • – Introduce yourself and you the ‘type of products’ you want to source (for example, homewares, gardening, health and beauty products etc).
  • – Highlight that they have been recommended to you (this is a nice compliment to build a relationship on)
  • – Detail that you are ideally seeking to find ‘part-time’ sourcing agent to source X products in the next 12 months (give an indication of how many hours per month), and to assist you with sourcing, sample management, ordering, inspections, freight and reorders.
  • – Advise you would like to understand if they are interested to accept another client, how many hours they have available per month, and a summary of the sourcing service they can offer with their rates.

Once you attain their feedback – arrange a skype call to discuss in more detail and make sure you feel comfortable with the communication.  Here you ask more about their ‘time to source’, their sourcing practices etc …