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Philippe A


here is a new version of my PAB

As you know my original idea was the water bottle for runners where I had initially analysed the wrong keyword

using the more appropriate keyword “running water bottle” as suggested by you, I found that the upfront investment indicated by the PAB was quite significant – more than I am ready to spend

I then repeated my analysis for pretty much the same products for Germany (EU tab)

Here I found three promising products

the first one is Hula Hoops

with this products I think I must have done something wrong somewhere because the results are off the charts

and moreover, the products all look the same. I don’t feel confident selling something that looks no different from what everybody else is selling.

The next product is “Klimmzugstange” (pull up bar). The top seller here is selling a very simple version of this product, which is why I think I could charge more for a better product.

The next product is “Liegest├╝tzgriffe” (push up bars). This product does not have as much volume behind it but the numbers stack up.

I think I would go for the pull up bar because the market is bigger (even if that means the initial investment is quite a lot higher as well).

By the way, I have set the months of stock to order to two.

Let me me know what your thoughts are.



Here is the link to the file:

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