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Andrew A

Hey Isaac,

No, the screenshots were all taken over the weekend, which is why it is confusing.

I have just taken these screen shots this evening for “shoulder brace”

I’ve just gone through both search results and have now got to the bottom of why they are both different.

The Jungle Scout results include all the Amazon Choice products (positions 4 – 6), Top Rated Products (positions 7 – 10) and Editorial Recommendation Products (positions 11 – 13). Apart from the “Fightech” shoulder brace that should be shown in position 4 and is duplicated twice in the search results, all the other shoulder braces in these three categories are further down on page 1 – It is also worth noting that these products seem to change.

The Helium 10 results don’t include any of the Amazon Choice Products, Top Rated Products and Editorial Recommendation Products and just include ‘normal’ listings.

This still doesn’t explain why the monthly search results are so varied, especially for the top sellers?

What are your thoughts on this example Isaac?