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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

Yup, and Kirsty is updating the training to make this more clear, and if you want to remove stuff from your research, I will tell you that you are almost guaranteed to set yourself up to fail. You will not properly assess the products. The LAUNCH stuff is discussed in the launch module. Your product research should not be compromised by your “opinion” at this point. You are using your judgment to make products seem better or easier than they are, and I will say that you have probably done that in the past and gotten yourself into a challenge of picking a bad product or not becoming confident in the product choice (and therefore didn’t sell it).

Kirsty and I have discussed this part of the training, and we both feel that for anyone who is not as experienced as Kirsty or myself, the “outlier” is something that you should not consider for your business, because you don’t have enough experience to determine what a TRUE outlier is.

So, yeah, taking outliers out of the research makes things look good, but launch the product and tell me how it feels to sell a lot less than you expected, because you didn’t do the research properly.

We are here to help you AVOID making mistakes like this. However, I can’t stop you from doing what you want.