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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Nathan,

Yeah, I would say these are VERY non-engaging. As a buyer, I wouldn’t read or take action from these emails, to be honest. They are simply “boiler plate” emails that seem very business-like.

Have you watched the Email Sequence training? It talks about the exact timings of when to send the emails:

Email 1 – Upon purchase (a.k.a. immediately)

Email 2 – Upon delivery

Email 3 – 7-10 days later (but can be longer depending on the product)

Each email has a very clear objective to make it very easy for them to respond or take action.

Email 1 – Set expectations and make sure they know what to expect (Call-to-action is “Reply if any issues”)

Email 2 – Ask them if they have received their product and let you know what they think of it (Call-to-action is “Let us know what you think”)

Email 3 – Ask them for a review (Call-to-action is “Please click here to review”)

The messaging needs to connect with your Ideal Client though. Think of how YOU would like to receive emails from a brand you just supported through a purchase. You like the product, right? So, what would you want that company to say to you?