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Amanda Tucker

Hi Jessica,

WOW Laura has absolutely nailed feedback and I couldn’t have said it better myself!  (Awesome job Laura!!).

She was brilliantly ‘on-point’.      The idea of the creative brief is to set the creative direction.  This is why you prioritize the set of brands that fit this ideal client – not add every brand they’ve ever bought.  So if your brand was a luxury brand, you would look at all the luxury brands ‘she buys’.  She might frequently shop at Whole Foods for her weekly groceries, but is not relevant to your luxury brand, it’s just where she buys her food.  So YES you assumed right that 99designers would come up with the creativity, but you need to narrow down the style and theme.

There are two descriptive words that stand out as being very different from the others (fun and exciting).   So you may need to add a little more to your descriptive words to ensure they capture the essence you were aiming for, for example:

  • Joyful – Bringing a warm smile to your face, engaging, inviting and friendly
  • Exciting – ?? You might need to explain this because exciting has too many meanings. I think adventurous, surprise, party etc, so adding this to a ‘joyful’ brand is a little difficult.
  • Fun – You might need to explain this a little more too, particularly about what fun means for this brand and what you don’t want.  For example, you probably don’t want tacky, silly or too quirky, but what does fun mean for the joyful, relaxing, decorative brand?
  • Relaxing – calming, relaxing for the home
  • Decorative – elegant design

And for your Color Preferences, just add a sentence of WHY those colors are better for your brand – what is the significance of those color palettes? Some of your colors don’t quite say ‘Exciting or Fun’ which could confuse the designer?