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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Ulrika,

It looks like you are describing a PRODUCT, and not talking about a BRAND (which is a collection of products).

So, you have to remove the thought of ANY SINGLE product from your BPS completely. It’s not about a Bag. It’s about all the possible products that Armadillo will have in its lineup at some point.

Also, I can almost guarantee that your ideal client is not a Silicon Valley Executive. You have to remember, your Ideal Client also has to be an Amazon Shopper or else you can’t sell on Amazon.

Silicon Valley executives are also a VERY small number of people. You are singling out about 5000 people in the whole world. So, even if you got EVERY S.V. exec to buy from you, you would run out of customers in like a year or less.

So, think of OTHER people who are looking to have their identity protected who also shop on Amazon.