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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Great – that is useful extra information.

I recommend you cost out each scenario.

  1. SCENARIO 1 – DISPOSAL: Cost of disposal -for 1100 x $0.50 removal costs = $550. But with loss of sunken cost $3,872.  But stress-free and the ability to move on and on focus on the products that need your time and attention. And you’ll save on additional storage fees.
  2. SCENARIO 2 – RELAUNCH: Use the PAB to identify how many units you need to giveaway. To get to page one for your main KW, in addition to your giveaway, you’ll probably also need to invest in PPC advertising AFTER you go the relaunch and drop your price to keep you on-page and drive sales velocity.   This means that you may not make a profit and just spend more time tinkering and being distracted vs getting money back.   There is also a risk that, if you are not able to do a full launch, you’ll still end up with stock and charged storage fees.

If you are open to writing this off and moving on, scenario 1 does look to be a better business decision. Particularly, scenario one also help you focus and spending your time on the right things to grow your business.