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Laura H
Laura H

Hi Lindsey,

Your brand name looks great in logos!! I love this part so feel free to ignore any of my comments if you don’t agree!

I like #101/99/95 as they are very classy but they are quite soft and I think of your brand as feisty/strong as well as sophisticated?! #101 is therefore my favourite as it’s the boldest. I think ‘&’ rather than ‘and’ would make it look sportier (however they’re currently lining up the words HONED and TONED so they’d need to play around with the positioning!) They could use the coral background ‘&’ from #99 and try in bold and finer font? Also it would be good to see this logo without the outline/extra font as a simplified option?

Re. the colour – I actually like the peach but would be good to see something a little brighter too? (I like the Fabletics logo below). Also good to have on different coloured backgrounds e.g. white, and to get the logo in black once finalised as lots of brands seem to use!

#1 – I like the brightness and simplicity

#32 – would the graphic look more modern if just the body shape in filled in pink and removing the multi-colour background?

#87 – I like the addition of a small graphic along with the word but don’t read it as ‘&’ currently

#66 and #70 are my least favourite as they look quite old fashioned to me

Good luck!

Brands I looked at: (these all have a small graphic in them, which is why I think it’s good to make your ‘&’ a statement!)