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Laura H
Laura H

Hi Jessica,

I feel I’ve jumped in here because I’m still working on my logo and I’m no expert! So please wait on the coaches’ expert opinions!

However from my experience on the logo design process so far:

1) I wanted a stylised but feminine logo, therefore I looked at interior design logos as these can have a prettier element.

I also did google searches for ‘homeware logo’, ‘feminine logo’…. and pulled together ideas along the way.

I also thought about what I need in the logo to represent my brand e.g. I knew I wanted it to contain a graphic that resembled a house since my brand name doesn’t specifically mention homeware – therefore I included examples of this. (Your brand name is clearer!).

I guess for you, you want to resemble ‘blissful’? So it would be good to search for logos that contain what you consider to be blissful elements to see the type of graphics designers could incorporate? e.g. I think of birds, soft flowers/leaves… so I’d search ‘botanical logos’ for example

The designers have taken the elements I showed them very literally e.g. I received 20 logos with hearts and I really didn’t like them, but then I realised one of the logos I’d used as an example of a font type I liked had a heart in it – so I removed this image from the brief!

2) You’re right that it’s about the competitors’ brands logos, however I would recommend only showing competitors’ logos that you think are really effective and strong, so that the designers know that the benchmark is high. Does this make sense?!

(I didn’t actually include any in my brief ssshh, because I felt I’d covered it in point 1)… !)

I’ve done a quick search of some things that include small elements that resemble ‘blissful’ to me (the black one isn’t for colour!), but this is only my opinion and a quick search! 🙂

Good luck!