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Jessica M
Jessica M


Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with me. It is VERY helpful.

  1. I have a hard time coming up with ideas for things I like. I am usually able to see something and know if I like it, but I can’t think of it on my own. Actually, I can have some ideas in my head sometimes of what I want, but it is “blurry” and I can’t describe it. How did you go about finding logos you like? I just did google searches for logos that had “words” or “themes” that went with my home, garden, joy, relaxing, and fun brand. That is how I came up with the items in my “samples.” I am not sure how to search for logos I like.
  2. Also, I didn’t understand how the competition section worked. I went on Amazon and found other sellers in my niche and looked up their “company brand” and posted those logos. I didn’t realize it wasn’t about the ACTUAL competition. That makes so much sense. But again, I need to figure out how to finds logos to base this competition off of. Most of the home/garden niche doesn’t place visible logos on their decor products as I am sure many people don’t want a big logo or brand name across their home decor product. (Unlike the exercise niche, for example, where brand names/logos can be prominently displayed on a ball, yoga mat, or dumbbell.)

Thanks again for your help! Hopefully you also have a few more tips for me in this area.