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Laura H

Hi Jessica! I know this is one for the coaches but I’m in the middle of the 99designs logo contest so have learnt a few things (made a few mistakes!) that might help!

1) the designers will follow your example logos quite literally. So based on the below you will have palm trees in many of your submissions which might not suggest home? Also make sure you love the fonts of those logos as the designers are likely to follow. I ended up removing some photos I didn’t love as I realised my brief wasn’t focussed enough!
2) for the competitors’ logos you are showing them how high the bar is set. I would remove any uninspiring logos e.g. Dunn’s, SpaceSavers, Excello and replace with options you love (or only show a few you love!). The designers aren’t in your head so will presume you like all of these and you may end up with lots of logos you don’t like rather than lots you love!

Hope this helps! Good Luck!