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Nathan S
Nathan S

Hi Isaac,

Sure, but let me explain something first. So, awhile back before MBS advised me to make changes due to this new policy they thought Amazon was going to implement (where they weren’t going to allow sellers to ask for reviews with their own email sequences anymore), I had two emails. And while I still have those, only one of them is active now and the verbiage has since been modified on that one to flow better with the new sequence they recommended. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that what you’re about to see now wasn’t the original verbiage that I had been using with guidance from the ASM training. All I have active currently is one email sequence, followed by the new Amazon Review Request thing that MBS automates now. What I have now is what MBS personally recommended. I’m also going to show additional screenshots for each that show the settings for each one (when it’s sent and all the configured criteria). So please be patient with me here. I just want to make sure you’re seeing everything.

So, here’s my current sequence:

Here’s the current text and configuration for the first one titled, “Follow-up Email” as shown above:

And here’s how it actually looks:

Here’s the new second email in the sequence, which is actually just that new MBS feature where they automatically send that Request a Review thing:

Finally, this is the second (now inactive) email sequence configuration I previously had:

And here’s how it actually looked:

As I previously said, after selling this product for around two years, I currently have only 38 reviews. So I’m obviously doing something wrong. And I think the recent MBS advice just made it worse. Let me know what you think. Also, if you could give me tips for the configuration of each one (like how many days after to send it, and when….like after shipped, after ordered, or whatever).



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