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Billy C

Hi Isaac and All,

Happy Holiday.

Attached is the screen capture of my Exact Match Campaign during last 30 days of my product before it was sold out.

I have beeing trun to find out how to keep a PPC Campaign under budget, without over spending.  A theory suggested that one should allow a high ACOS (like 100%) during launch. But, before I reach the target ranking, I should still run my campaign as if I am in a launch mode. So, I would keep adding new KWs in the Exact campaign. And as a result, I over spent.

So, I have been struggling on:

– When should I remove the expensive KWs from my Exact campagin ?

– What is consider to be too expensive ?

– What criteria should I use to decide that a previously preformed KWs is not worthed anymore ?

I also noticed that those expensive KWs caused the Exact campaign to PAUSE early in the day. So, other KWs in the campaign were not able to show. So, at the end of the day, I spent all the daily budget but only got a couple of orders with high ACOS.

Appreciate your commetns.

Thanks & regards,