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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Feedback on #3 (row22) – Waterproof lighter – Isaac did actually say yes to this one. (see his comment below in the reply)

If you take look at the numbers, data-wise, while the other opportunities, which Issac already confirmed, have stronger margin and ROI and lower reviews, it’s a good product for sales and profit.  During product development, if you can increase the ROI this would turn this product into an OK product to a good opportunity.   To help you here, I actually think that you could even get your retail price to $14.99 because there is a big gap in pricing which means you can sit at $14.99 and still look very competitive.  But running the numbers at $1 below is definitely wise.

The one thing that comes to my mind on this product type, and it’s not PAB Question, but more me putting myself in the customer’s shoes – and that is a question on does it, or will it work?   My gut-feel on this one is that social proof and reviews on this one will quite important.  You will need a benchmark of reviews to get you started.  That is not an issue but just a consideration – so check out Module 10 for 6 easy ways to get a review as soon as you launch.  Once you get to 100+ reviews, I think you can compete fairly on this page.