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Amanda Tucker

Hi Andrew,

At some point, if you could share the product so that we are not just offering hypothetical feedback that would ensure we give you a full rounded set of feedback.

That aside, yes, the data and numbers look sound.  And you will always get slightly different numbers from H10 and JS – they are different 3rd party tools.   There will be a margin of error with most 3rd party sales data, so just stick on one and consider they will both be slightly off (+ or -)

Whichever you decided, just use one data source for Product Research.   Additionally, in some categories, we are seeking quite a bit of movement of large sellers coming in and out of stock which changes the view of the competitor landscape.  So you may like to check the JS / H10 numbers a few times before you ‘press the button’ on an order.  If you can take sales table screenshots, then you can see if the numbers change and WHY (i.e: which sellers are influencing the change).

(maybe this could have happened with the H10 and JS results?)