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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hi Perry,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.   Okay, let’s see if we can help you brainstorm a little.  Before I do, I did want to reconfirm that the REAL Coaching’s Sprint to Profit program is focused on developing a brand with a niche range of products, so whichever direction to arrive at it, the brand-theme, so to speak, is central.  Don’t merge programs from ASM and REAL because you’ll get very confused and will get unstuck. But you can absolutely review the ‘themes’ of products.   For example, if it helps or if you are stuck, you can look at the types of products that you bought recently on Amazon – those could very well speak volumes to your buying habits aligned to your lifestyle and interests.

OR you can either do this by looking at every room in your house and trying to review if there is a theme of products you own and have bought that are connected to ‘how they make you feel’, ‘what problem they help you solve’, ‘what values or interest they reflect’ – these could be anything from ‘how you parent’, ‘how you entertain’ ‘how you unwind’, ‘how you have fun’, ‘how you motivate yourself’, ‘how you feel about your home and lifestyle’, ‘what are your pet-peeves and are there any products that are centered around that?’, ‘where do you spend most of your time’,  ‘where do you spend your leisure time’.

You did mention surfing, kiteboarding, sailing – and I wonder if there was an opportunity for a watersport accessories brand?  This could be fun! It might be a little on the seasonal side but this could be one to put on your brainstorm list – you’d just need to ask yourself if you have enough knowledge of this area to talk to your ideal client?

I am hoping this exercise may help you come up with some ideas.