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Perry S

Yes, all great points and questions Amanda.

TBH, I don’t really have any deep areas of expertise or sustained hobbies other than travel (oops, not a good time right now), yoga (not much in the way of products) and then some outdoor activities – surfing, kiteboarding, sailing (which can be very technical and have hard core brand followings). Also, I tend to care more about experiences than gear. Which may explain why I’m having such a tough time identifying an ideal client that matches my own profile AND is attached to a market with a broad portfolio of products that fits the Amazon model AND doesn’t rely on vitamins, beauty, food, electronics etc.

Cooking supplies, home goods, gardening gear, baby products, toys – seem to be the ideal.

So, what to do? Maybe it’s better I follow the ASM method of finding a solid selling product that generally matches my interests, i.e. outdoors, and build a brand and product portfolio around that?