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Regan Blee


Your questions are welcome – that’s why the forum is here and it’s our pleasure to help.

Getting a trademark and Brand Registry is not something you should do by yourself.  It is best to enlist the help of an attorney to get your trademark as there are many hurdles that a layman will get stuck on.  In addition, the USPTO has recently changed the rules so that non-US businesses must submit TM applications via a US-based TM attorney (it sounds like you’ve already found that out).

I’m not sure where you are up to in the Sprint to Profit, but it is important that you have finalized the development of your brand (as described in Modules 1 and 2) before proceeding with getting your trademark.

In Module ’06: Business Management’, we cover getting a trademark and Brand Registry.  I suggest you look at those videos.  Ideally, it is best that you don’t jump ahead though as you’ll be getting to that stage in just a few weeks and there’s plenty to do in the meantime.

It is also very important to note that the Module videos does not cover Amazon’s IP Accelerator program that is a new addition since we made the videos.  The IP Accelerator program provides a panel of approved TM attorneys who can help get a TM for you and facilitate rapid Brand Registry ( a couple weeks instead of many months).  Using IP Accelerator is a must.

When the time comes, the IP Accelerator attorney will guide you through the TM process and facilitate the Brand Registry of your brand.