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Jane Batsukh

Thank you, Isaac.

I really struggle with this the BPS.  Here are my responses:

  1. Are you thinking of having products that ONLY revolve around cooking problems? No, not really. One of the product that I sell is a bagel slicer. It helps people to slice their bagels (not their fingers) quickly, easily and safely and also to make their brunch gatherings smoothly. I was thinking that entertaining involves cooking, so I can add some products to make cooking easier. But I don’t have any cooking product ideas right now. 
  2. What do people do before and after cooking? See above
  3. Are there products that can be offered to the Ideal Client that serve them before and after cooking? Yes
  4. Would you consider these people actual “chefs” as you mentioned that in the BPS? No, not actual chefs.. Real people, cooking real food.. 
  5. Are these people more like “home cooks” or do they have some type of training? Yes, home cooks, hosts and entertainers..

Thank you.