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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Claudia,

You have done a great job here.

I have a few small comments just to provide you a bit more clarity about how to craft this and hone it to the interest and ideal client, but you are pretty damn close. 🙂

1 – I think the idea of the “COVID-19” affect is going to be very temporary to this year, and ongoing, it won’t be as important to your ideal client. So, really, you can just leave that line out, because the BPS works just as well without it. Basically, you can just state that “moms know best what their children need and how to help them learn, and they are amazed to see the child’s results when they can spend time in educating their children…” (Something like that anyway)

2 – I don’t think the age is that important here, because I am sure that there may be some moms who are younger who also have this same concept. My wife is 26, and if we had kids, she would 100% fit in here (and I know many people of her age who may have these beliefs as well). I will say that age SORT OF has a place here as moms who have kids at too young of an age may not have a stable home environment, or they may have to work full time and don’t have the time to be available for their children’s education. Whereas, a more established mom with a more stable home environment can make that work. But really, the age might be irrelevant because everyone’s situation of their age is different, but the IDEA of “being stable and available for your child” is the main concept, I think.

3 – I would definitely work with the community here to brainstorm brand names as the ones you chose aren’t bad, but I am not sure if the Ideal Client is the Child or the Parent from the name of the brand.

4 – Which brings me to my next and final main point: The ideal client should be the USER of the products of the brand…and if the children are using it, then THEY are the ideal client. However, if it is in fact a case where the parent is USING the products WITH the child, then the parent can be the ideal client. So, you probably need to make that distinction very clear. For example, “We are the brand that helps moms educate their children through hands-on educational tools and games which allows mother and child to spend time together and get better results through intimate support.” (Again, something like that anyway).

Very good stuff, Claudia. You have really got a good grasp on what you are doing here.