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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

This is definitely a great start. I have some ideas on the bullet points that may help get some points across with more benefits in mind…see what you think:

  • SAY GOODBYE TO CHAFE AND VPL – No more uncomfortable chafe or visible panty line (VPL) while working out as Tweak G-Strings are fully seamless.
  • NO MORE WET PATCHES – Tweak G-Strings are ultra-hygienic and moisture-wicking thanks to our Coolon outer and Bamboo inner.
  • SUPER DURABLE – Tweak G-Strings are designed to last hundreds of washes while keeping their superior quality.
  • SUITED TO ALL SHAPES – The perfect comfortable fit for all shapes and sizes
  • CREATED BY AN ATHLETE – Tweak was designed by an athlete for the active women.

First, you won’t need periods at the end of any of the bullets. Small thing, but it helps with indexing the words in Amazon’s algorithm.

Second, I would say that there are very major benefits to the No Chafe and No VPL aside from just not having them…

  • NO MORE CHAFING DURING WORKOUTS – Say goodbye to the irritation that poorly made underwear will give you during your workouts as these g-strings are extremely comfortable
  • STOP GETTING CREEPY STARES – The Tweak G-strings have no visible panty lines which gives you the confidence to work out without some weirdo seeing the outline of your underwear
  • WORKS AS HARD AS YOU – Tweak G-Strings are designed to last hundreds of washes while keeping their superior quality
  • FITS ALL SHAPES AND SIZES – This design is the perfect comfortable fit for women of all curves and designs, created to accentuate your beauty
  • DESIGNED BY A FEMALE ATHLETE – Tweak under garments are all developed, tested, and approved by a female athlete who competes in cross-functional events

This is just how I would consider these products to be beneficial to women…I am not the ideal client, and some of the wording may be incorrect here, but can you see how giving a VERY specific benefit up front and then using some reasoning afterwards helps connect a bit more?

At least, I THINK it does. I could be dead wrong, but let me know what you think about these ideas.

The product description is pretty good.

One thing I do think you will have to consider about the Bullet Points and product description is that you ideally do want to have some of the really good keywords like “working out”, “workout”, “underwear”, “under garment”, etc…in them so that you can get better relevancy across the search algorithm.

Great start. Very good stuff.