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Isaac Kuhlman

Hey Jane,

This is quite good actually. The name itself isn’t 100% aligned with the “cooking” aspect, but it’s not too far off the mark either.

I would say that you seem to WANT to focus on cooking, but then back off of it at times to try to expand to the rest of the home.

So, maybe let’s do a bit of an exercise to see if you can pinpoint exactly who you are intending to serve:

  1. Are you thinking of having products that ONLY revolve around cooking problems?
  2. What do people do before and after cooking?
  3. Are there products that can be offered to the Ideal Client that serve them before and after cooking?
  4. Would you consider these people actual “chefs” as you mentioned that in the BPS?
  5. Are these people more like “home cooks” or do they have some type of training?

Start by answering these questions, and let’s see if we can really nail the client. 🙂