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Amanda Tucker

Hey Darren,

– I’m glad you felt the same and this brand direction feels like something you can relate to and get excited by.

The next steps are to rework the BPS to remove the emphasis away from fashion and talk more about the values and beliefs of this ideal client and how a range of products will fit into their lifestyle.  How do these guys live, what is their lifestyle, what’s important to them, what are they passionate about etc etc … It will require going a little deeper to carve this out, but if you wanted to discuss today’s call with Issac, so this could be a great topic to discuss  – if you are joining the session?

I’ll give Isaac a heads up.

For Brand name – ask your ideal client.    Check it out with your friends to get a sense of how it resonates.   And then, once you’ve done your own minor focus-group with like-minded men, you can lock this in an assess the trademarking process.