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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hi Rachel,

Well done on putting ‘pen to paper’ for your BPS – I have offered comments in below within your BPS:


Ideal Client: Our ideal client would be people like young college students or people with small (maybe temporary) living spaces with the need for efficient, practical, and smart storage solutions.   This is a good start but we need to go a little deeper to commit a little more to the ideal client. What I mean by that is, rather than say the ‘people like young college students’ describe these groups’ collective values and beliefs.  What is important about this tiny space? How do they feel about their homes? Do they seem their home as just a functional house to lay their head or is their home a reflection on them?


Market Definition: X is a brand that provides creative smart storage solutions to help people simplify life and organize small spaces for maximum storage   You are nearly there on this one.   There are 3 elements to include here – : the category is your brand competing in, the niche that your products fit into, and how you claim your spot in the category.   So you are just missing the piece about ‘tiny living or compact living’ – For example, this was the Dog brand Market Definition we provided: Brand X is the Small Dog Pet Supplies brand for owners who believe that fur babies should be treated like members of the family. 


Brand Promise: All of our products are expertly crafted and built to last, meeting the highest quality control and sustainability standards available. Our space-saving pieces offer effortless practicality—where multifunctionality becomes the standard.

Our mission is to provide innovative smart solutions to help simplify life, to provide multifunctional storage and every possible solution to maximize space, save time and improve quality of life by creating a positive, stress-free, organized, and inspiring place to live.

The brand is designed to think out of the box and maybe even provide a solution to problems you haven’t thought about before.

You got some good points here, so let’s see if you can condense it removing the ‘our mission is’ and focusing more on how the customer feels.   Your first opening is great so just tweak the language and blend the 2nd 3rd sections to reference convey how your brand help to make them feel XXX [confident, organized] so that they can do/ feel XXX [stress-free, house proud … or other]

Reason to Believe: We believe that small living spaces should not have to make you feel overwhelmed distressed or distraught. Our aim is to find inspiration for creating order within the confines of any small living area and maximize space that will make you feel right at home. This section is about you as the Brand Owner, so it great you include the ‘we believe’, but just take one step back and talk about who you are.   Why are on an expert on small living and how does this brand make you feel, what compelled you to create this fabulous brand….     Are you a Mom who has transformed your son and daughter’s college dorm and overpriced and under-sized inner-city apartments into xxx and want to help more people enjoy the space they live it. Or are have you always been passionate about tiny living because you’ve spent most of your life developing your own creative solutions for you and your friends in an inner-city location and you want to share this inspiration with others so they too, can feel XXX  — these are literally just notes vs text to life, but I hope it gives you a hint on how to build this out?.  You’re nearly there on this one, just some tweaks.