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Claudia B
Claudia B

Hi coaches, can I have a feedback on my first draft of BPS, posted below, please?

I must confess that it hasn’t been an easy task for me, as English is not my first language and I’ve used for many years only the academic language, and not the spoken English. And as a sociologist I’m also very conscious of cultural differences, especially in creating the ideal client that establishes the tone and the type of language to use afterwards in messages and communications. However, I have been moderator and member on a few FB groups of mums educating their children in both British and American context. I’ve also joined recently to other 49 groups, to pick more up the way the mums use the language for their needs and express their feelings and values, together with their interests in toys, i. e, my potential products. And, without using content analysis techniques, I already¬† picked up the differences in expressing for example beliefs by country, by age and by social status, subsequently giving me some ideas how to craft my messages.

Thank you in advance,