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Amanda Tucker

Hey Darren,

You know what, this is a Great first stab and proves you DO have a creative flair! GREAT job!  (I knew you had it!!)

There are some edits I would recommend to build this out, but the one thing I wanted to offer guidance on right now, was actually the niche, vs the way it was written.  Fashion is very subjective, meaning you either LOVE it or HATE it.  For example, you might have a group of mates who hang out together and have similar interests BUT their fashion choices are very individual and unique.   You probably have seen a few ‘fashion items’ in-store or online’ that you know would appeal to a mate, but definitely not ‘your style’.  For this reason, it makes it very difficult to appeal to the core niche because even in that core niche of the same values and beliefs, their ‘style’ is different.

So my suggestion. Rather than think of ‘fashion accessories’, could you consider a brand and encompasses a range of products that ‘this middle-aged Guy About Town’ would use/own vs wear?   Maybe you are taking to an urban bachelor who cares about his appearance and the perception of others and has a few essential ‘signature’ home items that make ‘his pad’ his or things he uses frequently that conveys this?

What do you think?  Does the feedback regarding fashion, make sense?