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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Perry,

I agree with you, we are on the same page to question if Digital Nomads is the right direction to fuel a robust product niche and support product expansion.

Before you hinge on the adventure piece and ‘add-on’, let’s come back to you and what are YOUR interests, values and beliefs.  I feel like otherwise, you’ll go down a little rabbit hole for areas that you don’t know personally.   RV campers are older and tend to be focused on people who are retired (a little generalization there but these guys travel to remote areas for months if not longer, because they can, and don’t need to work.  Plus you won’t find that millennials can afford an RV, these are a massive investment, ‘lifetime savings’!).  A completely separate group are adventure-seeking backpackers which in the article you shared has just been given a fancy name of ‘millennial campers’.  – essentially it’s just the same.

Try to avoid googling ‘hot trends’ because you’ll get unstuck if you don’t understand your ideal client.

So let’s come back to you.  Who are you and what are YOUR interests, values, and beliefs?