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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hi Debbie,

I’m sorry to hear about your troubles.  Let’s see if we can help you with some pro-tips to get you sorted …

  • FBM – Inventory not correct and reverting to zero.  –  While I haven’t personally experienced this, I have heard from other sellers on this topic.   It could be that someone is placing several very large orders and then canceling it to adjust your inventory.  But please note, that this is a possibility vs a confirmed issue.  So, let’s assume this for now and look at a solution, especially as this has happened on several occasions.  POSSIBLE QUICK FIX:   Updated the ‘maximum order quantity’ in your back-end listing to a number you are comfortable with, maybe a max order quantity of 2 or 3 perhaps.  That means that if some is trying to play with your inventory numbers,  you are making it more difficult for them.    In reality, for FBM, after an order is canceled, it should still go back into inventory automatically, provided it was canceled by the customer within the (approximately) 30-minute window after the order was placed. If the customer contacted Amazon to cancel or you canceled the order at the customer’s request, you would have to manually add it back to inventory.
  • UNABLE TO UPDATE LISTING:  If you are updating a title, that takes 24 hour but other updates should be updated in 15-30 mins.   But sometimes Amazon has a block on updates and you just need to get them to allow you to push through changes.   There are two ways to do this – 1) As Amazon did highlight, the quickest way to initiate updates is through a flat-file or ‘ upload an inventory template’.  When you do this, you’ll just request ‘partial updates’ to ensure only the section you want to change are updated.   If you have never done this before ‘request a call’ from Amazon SC and ask them to walk you through how to find the file, now to download it, show to upload it AND to stay on the phone with you until the file has been received without errors (You’ll normally get an error on your first one)  — To request a call back like this – follow the SC HELP request pathway I recommend below …

  • UNABLE TO UPDATE TO FBA – This sounds very strange, I agree.  In this situation, I am inclined to say request a ‘DIFFERENT’ call from Amazon SC so that they can review what the block is.  (follow the same ‘request a call’ process above)
  • All in all, tackle one issue at a time and resolve each once vs asking SC to fix everything at once because that is when they drop the ball 😉 – It might take longer but it helps to close the loop on each issue.

I hope that helps?