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Heather L

Hi Both,

Thanks very much for your feedback and challenge, it’s appreciated.

I agree with your thoughts about the travel brand, it’s the BPS I wrote last year before the Birmingham workshop and I have tried to extend it by expanding into outdoor living, trips, picnics etc, but clearly I haven’t nailed it if it’s not clear to you. I think this one may be best put to bed for now.

Tactile Treasures – I think I must have made her sound too luxury orientated as in my head she is not necessarily the all inclusive holiday designer type, she could still be a flashpacker! She just likes to have nice quality stuff that feels lovely, be that a soft wool picnic blanket, a high quality wine stopper and if she was away a mini down pillow. Small details and things that make life more pleasurable and comfortable. I suppose I also don’t want to confine it being yet another homeware brand hence the stretch to outdoor/days out and travel although I admit that travel was slightly shoehorned in (rumbled) as it would allow me to use a silk product I identified last year for the travel brand! She’s not a diva nor a designer brand girl, she just values her environment (wherever that is) and spends time choosing the things that make it nice and also function well. I’ve updated the BPS to try to reflect this more and would welcome your thoughts.

Calmer Being – I completely agree with  that this is the most congruent and clear BPS which hangs together well and is evergreen . However, it’s also the one that I struggle with most from a product perspective. I wrote this BPS after the B’ham workshops having swithered over whether to do a travel brand and mentioned my interest in wellbeing to Kirsty and Amanda. I care deeply about personal wellbeing, having struggled with it personally, I have a masters degree in psychology and I’m a qualified coach albeit not practising. However, when I looked into products for this brand it took me into a world of essential oils, scented candles, supplements, sleep sprays, massagers, yoga mats and Nepalese bongs. Some of this was very competitive and some of it heading into the woowoo world of fake promises. I wasn’t comfortable with this ethically and nor is it me. I did look at mindful colouring books etc, but again it was competitive and most of the products too cheap. So, if I’m honest I am a little stuck about what this brand could offer in physical products which aren’t woowoo in hugely competitive. This is kind of why I wrote the Tactile Treasures BPS as it’s a brand that supports wellbeing through having lovely, high quality, tactile physical things. This was my way of trying reconcile the conflict. Anyway, I’ve updated the Calmer Being BPS to add more of myself and again would welcome your thoughts.

Sorry, for the ramble. I will try to be more brief in the future. I know it’s for me to resolve, I’m just feeling quite a lot of dissonance and angst about this.