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Amanda Tucker

Hey Debbie

You’ve lots of great Q,  and I promise you will go into these elements in great detail through the program – to include PPC, listing, optimization, etc through the program. It’s difficult to cover several hours of training in a post reply, but let’s just focus on your listing for now.

1 – Finding your main KW – Isaac and I both touched on this and the sentiment is the same.   Overall you cant influence how your customer searches for products, but you do need to make sure you are the right place so they can find you.  The gifting category will limit you to only selling gifts and that means at a certain time of the year.  Overall if you isolate your product away from ‘every-day use’ this could limit your full market potential.   That said, I absolutely understand your reference to the ‘breadth of the spice category’, but not being visible there means you miss out on this traffic.  You’ll just need to decide if it is profitable for you to compete in this main category or if you are okay with a reduced sales opportunity.  You’ll do this in Module 4.  But we will briefly cover KW’s a little more at the end of Module 3 – so hold fire until then so you can watch the training – this will really help inspire you.


It’s a good start.   Overall, your headlines are not quite benefited lead and a little too long for the first bullets. Amazon customers glance bullets quickly and need to be captivated quickly (especially on mobile) and you want to avoid jumping into cooking advice and just focus on the highlights of this product. Here are a few suggestions for the capitalized headlines:

  1. EASY – CHOP – SPICE – COOK (this is not a benefit because it’s more a ‘direction for use’). However, you do have a pretty good benefit directly after, so consider something like: ‘EVERY NIGHT CAN BE CURRY NIGHT’ – Create hassle-free authentic tasty curries any day of the week and tantalize those tastebuds and be prepared for the compliments – nice job chef!
  2. COOK TO IMPRESS, VERSATILE AND VEGAN (Same advice as above)
    You’ve got a good hidden benefit you can lead with – COOK TO IMPRESS – You don’t need to be a master chef to cook great curries, this spice gift box set is perfect for any home cook or budding starter cook.  Its versatile range of spices will add culinary magic to any vegetarian, vegan, or meat or fish dishes.
  3.  INNOVATOR OF UNIQUE AND UNUSUAL FOOD GIFTING PRODUCTS (innovation and unique is not really a benefit)
    Maybe consider something around how is the set looks like on display and how it makes the USER feel when they see in the kitchen? ‘SPICY DESIGN FOR YOUR HOME – (just an example of the direction you may like to take)
  4. EASY ORGANISED STORAGE (this is not a benefit because it’s more feature). Consider ‘ NO MORE SPICE CUPBOARD MAYHEM’


These suggestions are just to give the ‘creative juices flowing’.   Use the review of customers to select the ‘true language’ of the customers – that is where you’ll find some fabulous hidden gem!

Does that give you a few things to work with, before we jump into the training in a few weeks?