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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Johnny

Congratulations on your BPS GSD. It’s great to get your first draft down on paper. Let’s jump in …

Your draft BPS is below and my comments in bold :


Ideal Client
Homebodies and foodies who enjoy organizing their home and space with Eco-friendly products. The ones who love a simple style that gives them a healthy tranquil place to happily call home. They pride themselves in using eco-friendly, environmentally safe products for cooking and kitchen storage. They embrace being the chef in the kitchen while also helping create a safe and healthier planet.

Market Definition
Brand x is a homeware brand for people who believe in healthy eco-friendly products for their home and kitchen. Our customers appreciate the finer things in life but also deeply care for their healthy environment.

Brand Promise
Brand x manufactures and distributes high quality, eco-friendly homeware cooking and storage products. All of our products are expertly crafted and built to last, meeting the highest quality control and sustainability, eco-friendly standards available. Made free of toxic materials to protect families and our furry loved ones. Our mission is to provide eco-friendly smart solutions to better your kitchen, home, and life. I loved how your captured your Brand Promise in the final sentence and would recommend you switch this up and lead with:  “Brand X is committed to supporting their family of health and planet-conscious customers, by continuously innovating and delivering high quality eco-friendly and sustainable smart solutions to better their kitchen, home, and life.”

This will help you capture the hero messages that would appeal to your audience to make them feel invested in this concept.

Reason to Believe
We love and enjoy a safe and healthy home environment with our friends and family. I think you can dig a bit deeper here to help your customer see an authority.  If you offer an indication of your commitment to this belief, that really helps.  For example, maybe think about something like:

“We’ve been dedicated to helping upgrade our family and friends’ homes to be safer and healthier for over a decade.  As passionate home-bodies and foodies, we also know our home is our sanctuary and nourishing food is life’s medicine.   We are committed to helping our customers take the first steps to a healthier life or continue on an exploratory journey throughout their kitchen and home …”  (this is just a thought)

Our home is our sanctuary. Love and joy happen from the delightful creations of our kitchen. As home-bodies and foodies, we are constantly seeking products that make life easier and healthier. Our goal is to help create a healthy and happy place we love to call home. That is why we back our product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We believe home is where beautiful things are created.


Please let me know how you feel about these suggestions and any questions or subsequent thoughts?