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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hi Billy,

Why don’t you email Bella to learn more about her area of expertise? But I can tell you, her expertise is ‘sourcing’ 😉

I’m afraid I don’t have her last name so just email her.  That is a more polite way to make the first contact as well.

If you already selected a sourcing agent, just consider if you are making more work for yourself by using two at the same time. It will also be double the cost if you have two agents and it is not something they will appreciate either if the found out, so it may bode well for a starting relationship.

The important thing so is to following a vetting process:

1 – Make contact with a referral

2- If you have 1 or more contacts (and 2 referrals is ample), make it very clear you are initially enquiring about their services, prices, and timeline in order to them select the best sourcing partner for your business.  And compliment them by saying that you know they are in high demand so I wanted to understand if they have capacity to take on another client and would like to understand their current realistic time frames for a sourcing product (10 factory quotes) and weekly communication updates.

3- If you are connecting with 1 or more agent,  is important that you ask each agent the same questions so you can compare and contrast their answers. At this point, you can assess which one meets your sourcing project needs and budget and also which one do you feel you can communicate with better.

4 – Select your final agent and connect with them on SKYPE to understand and discuss how they, and you, both like to work and communicate. This is very important to ensure you are both respectful of each other and both on the same page.  This aims to ensure a strong working relationship.