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Amanda Tucker

Hi Perry,

Congrats on putting your first draft BPS together and taking action.

I have copied your BPS below for ease of viewing (for others) but also to provide comment too:

You’ve given a good definition of what a digital nomad (DM) is, so you just tweak the context to’ away from a definition of a group and more YOUR ideal client — for example:   ‘Ideal client:  They are digital nomads who are …. Their highest calling is …”

The big I am trying to understand is why a range of products would to this group?   Maybe, if you are the ideal client you could let us know how broad you are thinking and what products you personally bought that supported your Digital nomad lifestyle?  (while you BPS won’t list products, it’s good to understand where you want to take this brand.)

I hope you don’t mind if I share a personal story and connection here.  I understand this group because I consider myself a digital nomad myself – I kick-started my Amazon business in Costa Rica to get inspiration and focus (and sunshine) after working in international corporate roles in 4 countries,  I travel every 4-6 months between UK, USA and Australia and currently living by a beach in Mexico. And my initial 2-3-month trip here may extend to 12 months, just because .. well, why not 😉 .   So, I understand the mindset of this group but I am trying to read into your BPS and extract that kind of product range your brand extends to because it is a little vague.   While you won’t list out products is it important to visualize how your brand fits with their lifestyle.

Let me explain a little more … The challenge you have is that they do ‘travel light’ (although, I’m still never good at this).  Personally I need travel-solutions to help me pack smarter and quicker so I can keep on the move.  Unfortunately, I cant invest in tech equipment like standup desks and 2nd monitors but I will use Shared Workspaces for a robust working environment. Outside of that, it’s really important I travel light.  My work stuff fits in one back-pack (chargers, microphone for training videos and webinars, small portable hardrive, paper notepad) and the rest is just my clothes squeezed into 1-2 suitcases.  I can order products and items if I need to, get them delivered to a FedEx or DHL pick up location but I need to avoid adding more weight to my bags.


So, what kinds of products are you envisaging? – just to give us a heads up?  Or may we’ve taken ‘nomad’ too literally?


Ideal Client: –Digital Nomads are passionate about their independent, active lifestyle. Our highest calling is to enjoy life now rather than in the future – as thrill seekers, explorers, fun hogs, and lifestyle designers. We are accountable yet irreverent misfits and risk-takers, living life on our own terms. Digital Nomads are freelance workers, remote entrepreneurs or location-independent employees who may have a home base, but don’t let building a career or business get in the way of a good time.

Market Definition:

Adventure by Design (“ABD”) is a lifestyle brand for people who seek to combine work and play by living an active, responsible lifestyle. Digital Nomads set their life up with gear to work remotely while empowering life of adventure, travel, and the outdoors.

Brand Promise: Adventure by Design manufacturers modern, high quality, affordable, and imminently practical products that are rugged enough for the outdoors yet light enough not to bog you down. ABD keeps you connected to the real world while empowering you to getaway.

Reason to Believe:  With the advent of always-on-internet, digital nomads can get their work done while remaining location independent. As a location independent business ourselves, Adventure by Design has developed a suite of portable products that give you the confidence to remain connected and get your work done in nearly any location around the world. Meet your deadlines with our field-tested, easy-to-deploy products while meeting your commitment for hassle-free adventure, travel and the outdoors.