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Regan Blee
Regan Blee

Kevin, I can’t comment on Bullfrogdata specifically.  But these types of services are very much a grey area as far as Amazon TOS are concerned.  Amazon don’t like their order or fulfilment data to be used in any way outside of Amazon and don’t like the information to be shared with 3rd parties at all.  My recommendation would be to steer clear of this.  Certainly before doing anything along these lines, you would need to investigate the Amazon TOS and Anti-spam laws and the ramifications of using the service.

I would also say that this reeks of ‘shiny object’.  This type of exercise is not included anywhere in the 90 day Sprint to Profit as it really is not necessary to do this to be successful on Amazon.  So, if it’s not in your 90 day plan that you develop as part of S2P, then I recommend that you forget about it.