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Amanda Tucker

Hey Heather,

From an additional perspective:

  • I tried to envisage ‘Tactile Treasures‘ and could not quite make the connection to her outdoor living or travel.  With her Egyptian cotton sheeting and Crystal wine glasses, she seemed to be an all-inclusive resort traveler which negated her need to ‘carry Tactile Treasures?’   And I wasn’t quite sure how she would take her luxury living outdoors.  Maybe there was a piece missing or maybe it didn’t quite fit?
  • Double X Travel and Outdoor for smart female travel accessories brand – this could be a little limited given the ‘current climate’ and people’s anxiety or even inability, to travel.  I wouldn’t normally suggest you steer away from travel but the events of this year will truly recreate how we think about travel.  If you want to go into this direction you would need to pivot and angel the brand on what the ‘new travel is’ based on the change in customers’ behavior, because we will do things differently to last year.
  • So … that brings me to the same conclusion as Isaac and I landed more comfortably toward Calmer Being.  I think there is also an opportunity for this to be both an indoor and outdoor range, but you would need to visualise what that might be and consider adding it.   Now, the piece that was missing here was YOU :).  As the founders of the Brand, how can you give your customers confidence that you understand them – what is your story?  If you talk to your values and beliefs as evidence of how you understand your ideal client, this will reinforce your RtB