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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hi Beate,

It is good that you have checked the numbers a few times.   It appears from your two searches, one of your top competitors (Life 2 Go) was out of stock when you first did the PAB and then just got back in stock on your second run of the numbers.

We can do a little deep dive on this by clicking on the large seller (Life 2 Go) that appeared back on page one and see when they are able to fulfill orders – it says :  In stock on July 5, 2020 which would suggest they are just checking stock into Amazon.  If they had plenty of stock, you’d normally see a much sooner delivery date (1-2 days).

So the important numbers to take is the demand/sales data WITH this competitor back in stock.

But I wanted to check you had the right KW.  I ran Brand Analytics for you and believe the right KW is :  camping utensil set and not ‘campkitchen utensil organizer‘.  If you think about it, the latter KW is too long for someone to type which suggest it’s to ‘long tail’, and Brand Analytics does show that:

The challenge you’ll have with this KW is that the price points are lower.  I’d recommend you review a few other camping utensil sets and do a reserve ASIN via Helium10 or similar to find where those sets are mostly appearing with a high search volume before you move forward. So a little more work to fine-tune, but not a firm YES or NO just yet.